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New Buggy Hits The Beat

NSW Police on Patrol in Yamaha Golf Car

Strengthening its positive presence and community engagement, the New South Wales Police Force has partnered with Yamaha’s Golf Car division to introduce a new high-visibility community policing tool in Sydney’s harborside precinct. 

Christened GC-1, the modified Yamaha DR2 QuieTech golf car is now quietly patrolling high pedestrian areas such as Darling Harbour, Walsh Bay, Barangaroo, and Circular Quay. The use of a Yamaha car provides police with a friendly and approachable presence while ensuring everyone enjoys a safe environment. 

Crewed by two police officers, GC-1 is the perfect transport solution for bustling pedestrian zones, reflecting the relaxed atmosphere of the waterfront precincts. The golf car not only features brightly coloured stickers, flashing lights, and a police radio, it is also equipped with a rear seat, providing additional passenger space. This seat can be converted into a tray, transforming the car into a small utility vehicle to safely transport a wide range of items.

The new golf car also aims to build community relationships, with GC-1 to be used for programs such as the ‘Coffee with a Cop’ initiative, enabling police officers and business operators to meet informally and discuss various topics.

Yamaha’s involvement in converting a Yamaha Drive 2 Quitech EFI PTV into a police vehicle was a unique challenge for the Yamaha Motor Australia Golf Car division. Rod McDonald from YMA said planning the first Yamaha police golf car required careful consideration of its purpose, operational capacity, as well as the laws and safety requirements associated with operating a vehicle in areas designed for high foot traffic.

This was the first police golf car to be built by Yamaha, so a fair bit of thought needed to be put into how it would work, what its main purpose was, and trying to predict how it would perform in its intended capacity,” explained Rod McDonald.

The petrol motor golf car was chosen for its ability to operate all day while covering large areas. The car serves official duties as well as acting as a focal point for community interaction.

Rod revealed that the eye-catching design, complete with a brightly coloured stickers and flashing lights, is proving irresistible to children and adults alike. “A constant stream of people approach GC-1 for a chat and a photograph with the golf car and its on-duty occupants, so the car not only needs to perform well, but it also needs to be a good-looking vehicle – which it is.”