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2020 The Ultimate in Luxury and Power

Delivering the ultimate combination of unbridled power, high-end luxury and all-round travelling performance, the FX Cruiser SVHO is built for luxury and performance. Powered by Yamaha’s 1812cc Super Vortex High Output marine engine, this craft produces more supercharged power, torque and displacement than any other Yamaha WaveRunner in history. Matched to the ultra-lightweight, extremely agile and highly responsive NanoXcel2® hull and deck, the FX Cruiser SVHO delivers exceptional stability and handling for its size. 
Not only does the FX Cruiser SVHO ooze power and performance, the 2020 FX series also heralds the introduction of a redesigned hull and multiple industry-first innovations. An industry first 4.3 inch colour LCD touch screen provides customizable information at your fingertips whilst the all new multi-mount system gives users the ability to mount their favourite third-party accessories to improve on-water experience. Look no further if you are wanting the very best on-water experience.

  • Code

    FX Cruiser SVHO

  • Length


  • Width


  • Height


  • Weight


  • Category


  • Rider_capacity


  • Engine

    Supercharged Super Vortex High Output Yamaha Marine Engine

  • Displacement


  • Spec_Config


  • Compression

    8.5 : 1

  • Supercharger

    Yes (with Intercooler)

  • Cooling

    Low-maintenance. Open Loop Cooling

  • Pump

    160mm 8-Vane High-Pressure Axial Flow

  • Lubrication

    Scavenger Pump Assisted Wet Sump

  • Fuel

    Electronic Fuel Injection

  • Fuel_Tank


  • Oil


  • Storage


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